Younique Flawless Four

Hello lovelies!

So today I am going to give you my review on the Younique Flawless Four which was last months special offer…and I can honestly say it is AMAZING!!!!

Being a new Younique presenter I thought the best way to sell my products is to trial them for myself…you can’t sell a product and tell everyone how great it is if you actually don’t have a clue!

So, in the Flawless Four you get the following:

β€’Touch Glorious Face Primer

β€’Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer

β€’Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

β€’Touch Behold Setting Powder or Spray

The primer – Feels like silk and really smooths out your pores. It dries to a soft powdery finish so your foundation adheres well to it.

I have quite large pores and without this primer you can really notice them when I wear foundation so this primer was an absolute life saver for me!

The Concealer – I chose one that was a couple of shades lighter than my foundation. I have dark circles under my eyes, and even with Concealer you can usually still see them slightly. But this stuff is absolute magic!!

It also really covered up any blemishes and made my skin look even for a change!!

The Foundation – Now this foundation is so buildable without looking like my face has been plastered on with a trowel! And a little bit goes a long way!!

I only needed a few drops to cover my entire face, so I can tell it’s going to last a long time..unlike my usual go-to foundation which runs out every 2 months.

I have issues with my oily skin, meaning that half way through the day my face starts to go shiny again and my foundation almost melts off. But the Younique foundation lasted all the time I got home from work my skin still looked flawless with no dark circles, no pores, no uneven skin tones, no blemishes.

The Setting Powder – Now I chose the Powder due to having oily skin and I wasn’t entirely sure how the spray would keep my skin looking matte.

The Powder literally perfected my face and sealed the makeup, making my skin look fabulous (and no shine!!!!)

It definitely did keep my makeup in place and looking fresh, but where I had my glasses on obviously the Powder came off by the end of the day but that is to be expected really. But I have to say this stuff is great at masking the shine on my skin and keeping my makeup from melting off.

My usual Powder is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, which looks great for a few hours but by the afternoon I would be blotting my skin with tissue to remove the shine. There is a huge difference in staying power with the Younique Setting Powder, having had it on for 10 hours I could only just start to see a sight shine on my forehead and my chin, but nothing major. Absolute winner with this one!

So in the spirit of enhancing my claims I have included a before and after picture so you can see for yourself how good this stuff is. I have also attached photos of some of my customers’ results..because as you know, everyone’s skin is different. But I am totally won over by the big claims that Younique make, and can definitely say that I am proud to be selling such wonderful products!

Next on my list is the Epic Mascara…stay tuned!

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